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Spyderco Ceramic File Set

Ceramic Sharpening Rods Spyderco Ceramic File Set

Jewelers, gunsmiths and dental professionals all at some time have a need for small sharpening stones. Spyderco's 400F Ceramic Files include the following shapes: Round, square, triangular, and slip. All four stones are fine-grit ready to debur...

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Spyderco Ceramic Shaprening Stones

Ceramic Shaprening Stones Spyderco Ceramic Shaprening Stones

Because Spyderco's benchstones are flat and broad they are highly effective for honing wide tools like plane irons, chisels, large blades, woodworking equipment, even ski edges. Available in Medium (pictured), Fine or Ultrafine grits, each 2"x8...

From 62.95

Spyderco Pocket Sharpener

Pocket Sized Sharpening Stone Spyderco Pocket Sharpener

Spyderco manufactures small rectangular pocket stones for portable field use and honing small items. Pocket Stones are available in medium grit (pictured) and fine grit. The 303M Medium Grit Pocket Stone fits in the palm and comes in a leather ...

From 24.95

Spyderco Sharpmaker Rods

Replacement Rods. Spyderco Sharpmaker Rods

This Medium Grit ceramic stone is a replacement item for the ones included in the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker sharpening system. Ultrafine stones tighten the blade's scratch pattern to an even keener degree for hair-popping professional sharpness and ...

From 13.95

Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Spyderco's Tri-Angle Sharpmaker includes two sets of high Alumina Ceramic stones: A pair of medium grit (dark) stones for aggressive sharpening, and a pair of fine stones (white) for professional grade finishing. There is also a set of brass safet...

From 59.95