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Aquapac Belt Case

100% Waterproof Cases Aquapac Belt Case

As you snorkel over the reef, you quietly congratulate yourself on your idea to stash your passport and money in the belt-case and take it swimming with you. You’re not sure you’re comfortable with the other people on the boat and so much loose ca...

From £22.95

Aquapac Classic Case Medium

100% Waterproof Storage and Travel Protection Aquapac Classic Case Medium

Have you ever lost a phone to water damage? If not, you've been really lucky… so far! Depending on who you talk to, something between 10% and 25% of all mobile phones end up ruined by water. If you're the active-in-the-Great-Outdoors type and you...

From £9.50

Aquapac MP3 Case

100% Waterproof MP3 Case Aquapac MP3 Case

You know there’s no better sound than the wild outdoors. Well, except for the album you downloaded last night which is thumping out as rain lashes down on you on the trail. Strapped to your arm and out of the way, your mp3 player drowns out the th...

From £18.50